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Digital Equestrian Marketing

Tailored marketing solutions to add value and growth to your equine business.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Unsure where to start with your equestrian digital marketing? We can provide you with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Within the strategy, we analyse your current online position and determine innovative steps to improve it.

A full digital marketing strategy contains;

  1. Situational Analysis
  • Analysis of your current website statistics¬† and SEO positioning
  • Review of social media content and statistics
  • Creation of target audience personas
  • Customer journey map
  1. Determine Key Issues and Solutions
  2. Strategy to Achieve Objectives
  3. Actions to Implement

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Want to be at the top of Google? We can help get you there! We perform both off-site and on-site SEO.

On-Site SEO

This means that we thoroughly analyse and edit your website’s content and code so that search engines recognise the content.

Off-Site SEO

We build your website’s authority externally so that search engines see you as a favourable link. Additionally, we create and support content marketing.

Social Media

Want to reach more customers? Did you know that 72% of Australians use social media? Consequently, we can help you reach them by streamlining your social media processes. We will evaluate the right social channels for you and guide you on the content you should be sharing. Additionally, we can create complete social media schedules for you in advance so that your social content is taken care of.

We also design and utilise paid social media across multiple platforms. Similarly, this will grow your social voice and above all, help you reach new customers and markets.

Google Ads Management

We manage everything from campaign creation right through to analysing the results. Firstly, we take the time to conduct thorough keyword research so that your campaigns reach the right customers, whilst split testing ads to see which perform the best. Additionally, we even optimise your website landing page to minimise bounce rates and entice visitors to spend longer on your site.

Moreover, our knowledge of Google Ads ensures that your budget is used effectively, using the right bidding structures and ad copy.

Email Marketing

We create a line of communication for you and your customers. We offer emails as part of marketing automation so that your customers receive personalised emails at the right point in their purchasing journey. As well as part of a regular campaign.

User Behaviour

Do you know how your customers navigate through your website? We perform key analytics to determine user behaviour, optimising your website’s conversion rate.


Without data how do you know how well our marketing efforts have done? Finally, every month we will analyse our digital marketing efforts and send you a detailed report.

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